Learning the art and craft of documentary.


First Batch of DVDs from library

I am excited to finally get cracking on this blog. Since I’m out of commission recovering from my surgery and beginning to have enough energy to do some work, I’ve decided to start slow by watching documentaries.

After a very good conversation with my brother yesterday I am going to embark on documenting Angels Unaware – my stepmother’s mental health services agency. The goal is to make something. I can’t really say at this point what it will be, but documentary seems like an appropriate starting point. So first step: Learn what the heck a documentary is, and what it is not. That means watching a shit tonne of docs.

I just received my first batch of DVDs from my local NYPL branch. I did a prelim search for “top 100 documentaries”, “most influential documentaries”, “best documentaries of all time”, etc etc. I know this is only going to scratch the surface of what is considered “good”, but it’s a start.  Found about 50 DVD/BlueRays available in the NYPL catalog, so they should begin rolling in over the next few days, and I’ll watch as many as I can per day, no less than 2.

This is my new neck BTW

acdf, pcdf
16 screws, 1 plate, 2 rods