shiny objects

this starting and stopping is nothing new and will certainly not be the last time, until I figure out how to make this part of my routine.


the pandemic happened and with it, extreme loneliness and isolation. the pandemic is now winding down, and I am unsure how to proceed. one thing has remained constant. my arduous quest to figure out what to say about the contents of my skull.

right now I’m working on:

building a video production department for a non-profit
a music video for a friends band
my demo reel and website
building a community photography and video studio
taking a Rhino 7 3D course @ SVA
learning how to use a 3D printer
re-learning how to rollerblade
learning how to fly an FPV drone
learning how to build an analogue synthesizer
writing a short film about a magic fountain
finishing my step-mother’s website, which I’ve put off for 2 years
launching a jewelry brand
shooting / writing a short doc about a friends dating app

I have trouble focusing and I feel like I take on way too much.

so many shiny objects.