NERO MV treatment

So my friend L sent me this.

To which I reply:

If you know me. Then you know that I have a soft spot for awkward white girls.

Caroline Polachek, if you’re out there – holla atcha boy!

For the first minute-fiddy, my confusion is well founded. Ms. Polachek does a sort of line-dancesqe heel-toe shuffle while performing what would have to be a cross-between full body American Sign Language and some type of United Methodist praise dance. That or she is channeling Brit Marling of OA fame. Either way it’s delightfully strange.

Then it gets WAY better. A quick CG glint of the eye, and our Hades dwelling heroine convulses and begins spewing a green ectoplasmic mist, grows Krakin like tendrils from the back of her head then dolly zoom out and we’re in a Disneyfied underworld.

What the mother fuck?!?!

All this to say…

I’m in love.

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